Girls Today, Women tomorrow conference report

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Wed, 08 Jul 1998 08:23:56 -0700

Note the interesting idea of equality education delivered as theater.


Subject: Girls Today, Women Tomorrow

A report on this conference, prepared by Esther Tran, is up on

Recommended to all of you that are interested in the topic of "the girl
child", particularly from a global perspective. Rosemary Brown was the
keynote speaker but there were excellent presenters on a whole range of
topics and workshops, which included young women.

The agenda includes:

The Life Of The Girl Child, Speaker: Megan Dobchuk-Land;
Women Taking Action On Human Rights Speaker: Louise Simbandumwe;
Young Women And The Arts Speaker: Rose Namubiru-Kirumira;
Images Of The Goddess Speaker: Betty Donaldson;

Workshop #1 Messages From The Mass Media: What Messages Are They
Sending Us? What Can We Do About It? Resource Person: Alison Hanks;

Workshop #2 Self Images Can Help Or Harm. How Are They Shaped?
Resource Person: Nayyar S. Javed ;

Workshop #3
Community Action Workshop: Date Rape And Violence Against Women
Resource Person: Gladys Marquez (AM) Ella Clark and Fatima Tavares

Workshop #4 Bridging The Generation Gap - Girls And Women, Can They
Talk The Same Language? Resource Person: Estella Muyinda;

Workshop #5 Cultural Bridging - Can We Make It Work For Us? Resource
Persons: Natasha Mohammed And Maria Diaz ;

Workshop #6 Putting The "E" In Leaf - Equality Education Through
Interactive Theatre Resource Person: Ellen Peterson

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