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I found a cite on the web that has FBI statistics of crime. If you have
web access it's at

Looking at the statistics and patterns is pretty interesting. For
example, males and females are basically equally likely to be victims of
murder untill that become teenagers. Between ages 13 and 44 males are
about 4 times as likely to be the victim and 11 times as likely to be the
perpetrator of a murder. In that same age range more blacks than whites
are victims and perpetrators of murder despite the fact that blacks make
up only about 10% of the population. The ages from 20 to 24 are
especially dangerous for all groups and a high percentage of murders
involve people ranging in age between 17 and 34.

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> Glad to see that another picked up on how we all can be pulled into
> the media
> point of view that if it happens in a small town and to white
> children,
> violence and murder are news.
> Can anyone provide the accurate number of children that are killed
> each year
> in the US? By whom and with what? I don't think the facts will shock
> anyone
> on the list.
> Jane Sheeran

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