White male affirmative action

Linda Purrington (lpurring@earthlink.net)
Wed, 08 Jul 1998 14:39:37 -0700

The problem with your lineup, Ted, is that in the melting pot of the
United States, people who had certain physical attributes could be
trapped and brought back into slavery and sexual subordination; those
who could pass--did. Hence white males; and hence women and black
people and people of color--there were very few John Griffins who sought
to pass in the other direction. Try it, you won't like it. And yet we do
not ask you to step down, we are just stepping up next to you.

Linda Purrington

Ted Weverka wrote:
> It is not white males, it is Western European males. They have enslaved us
> so long that they even took the name "slave" from the name my ethnic group.
> > Well those of us who have been the victims of 400 years of > discrimination
> are fed up, that's why not.
> And my people, who have been made slaves by these Western European males for
> long, now face being grouped with them under the term "white" and to have
> programs to continue to keep us out.
> Robert Weverka <weverka@optivision.com>

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