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Thu, 9 Jul 1998 17:47:21 -0400

It's nice to see that we're all going in the same direction in our thinking
about what a comprehensive website can include. Over the next few months, I'll
be working on updating the WEEA website to expand some of what we have, and make
sure the links we've picked are the very best (we're staying around 200 for
downloading times). One of the specific plans to which we're already committed
is a comprehensive Title IX "room," in which we will be including the kinds of
things you suggest, Linda. And I do keep a running file of all websites
mentioned in this discussion, so I can make sure to consider including them.
We'll also be creating areas covering Sexual Harassment, and Disabilities
(already being researched), as well as other appropriate issues as they arise.
I think the idea of being able to sort by grade level is great, and I'll be
working to see if we can do that.

Please be sure to let us know when you are looking for something you
can't find through the WEEA Equity Resource Center's resources.

Paula Fleming
MarComm Director
WEEA Equity Resource Center

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Subject: Re: Ed equity web sites?
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Date: 6/29/98 9:47 AM

Hi, Cynthia--I read your notes about a possible Web site, and want to
add my encouragement. I am relatively new to the Internet, and finding
Title IX sites has been difficult. For one thing, most requests for
information about Title IX lead only to athletics; we really need to
flesh out the public understanding of what Title IX is and can do.

We also need direct links to the regulations themselves, and to the
OCR's case law, to information on how to file a FOIA request to see
documents, OCR info on how to file complaints, and how a case may
involve other laws as well as Title IX. There is almost no information
linking violence against women, especially violence in dating situations
and on campuses, to Title IX. We need collections of links to state
anti-violence and domestic violence laws.

We need preschool-kindergarten information, because that is when a
child first enters the public school system, and it is also when parents
may be most attentive to gender socialization.
I have been working on sketches for a web site to approach these gaps,
but it would be better to have a central clearinghouse of links. Let me
know if I can help.

Linda Purrington
Title IX Advocates

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