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>I don't know the political history of WWI but it would seem to me that to
>an assertion concerning the fact that the USA had ''the opportunity to make
>the whole world american and chose not to'' is another one of those
>arrogant myths that governments create and people take seriously. The USA
>could never have possibly conquered the whole world. It could not even win
>Viet Nam.

Let me expound on this a little bit. What I meant was that the United
States was set in a key position to tighten the screws on Europe and the
world in terms of debts. The European powers were badly in debt because of
the war and the US held much of the credit, like it did in WWI, yet a lot
of the debts the United States forgave and forgot. The reasons for this
are unclear: my history teacher argued that the United States was much
like Greece in that once it won a war, it didn't have the desire to conquer
it like the Roman empire. It could have also been the isolationist
attitudes of the American people at the time.

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