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> Which male stereotypes do you want them to transcend?
> Willing Provider?
> Fearless Protector?
> Insistent Payer?
> Sensative and Appropriate Initiator?
> Uncomplaining Victim?
> River


Many men see themselves only in terms of their capacity to provide
financial, material or work-related inputs to themselves and their
relationships. Often, when these yardsticks disappear, as they do
frequently in separation, men see little personal value.

Men frequently have trouble contacting and expressing their feelings and
usually have few close friends and supporters who they can really talk

Many men perceive seeking support as the hallmark of a weak, deficient or
defeated male, so when they are most in need of support, they are
least likely to request it.


This material is from the
By Men and For Men
Website at:

A very interesting place.


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