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In fact and in law, there are only 13 states in which
non-co-habitating minors are protected by domestic violence laws (MAss, NH,AL,
AK, CA, CO, IL, MN, NM, ND, OK, PA, & WV). Even in those 13 states,
restrictions apply: sharing a child; courtship, engagment, one person being
over the age of 18, etc. Generally those protections are restricted to
eligibility for temporary restraining orders (also called "orders of
protections" or "stay away" orders).

For further, deeper and a more accurate understanding of this issue,
I suggest you all read an article by Prof. Roger Levesque (teaches at
Indiana University - he is both a lawyer and a Ph.D.), published in 1997, in
the Virginia Journal of Social Policy and Law (4 (2), pp. 339-397, called
"Dating violence, adolescents and the law." His was the only article I could
find on this subject and the only research on this problem (and I searched
far and wide - including the Justice Dept, the national resource center on
DV, etc) when I was writing a paper on "sexual harassment and sexual
violence in schools" (commissioned by the Justice Dept, Office of Juv.
Justice and Deliq Prevention - copies are not available yet - maybe by the
late fall).

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At 04:36 PM 7/20/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Marylin-- I should add to the longer message replying to your request
>for info on domestic vionece laws--that people tend to forget college
>students (as I just did, in concetrating on high school and grade
>school)--they too are subject to domestic violence laws, and protected
>by them. For college students who have despaired of getting Title IX
>enforcement out of the Office for Civil Rights, and blocked from help
>via the civil courts, as in Gebser v. Lago Vista, the new criminal codes
>may be really helpful.
> One caveat: many college campuses keep their own stable of cops; and it
>is not in the college's financial interest to have accurate reports of
>campus crime. If it is possible, make domestic violence reports to
>multiple agencies and to the public to help forestall falsification of
> Linda Purrington
> Title IX Advocates

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