Title IX- Can you mandate social change? Thesis topic

Dawn Goetz (volley@host.cass.net)
Wed, 22 Jul 1998 15:03:45 -0400

Dear readers,
I am a graduate student, elementary teacher, coach, wife and mother of a 17 year
old daughter.

My question to the readers is the main research question in my thesis that I am
trying to complete. Even with all the progress in female athletic equity since
1972, has the mindset and attitude of the population changed as much? And, is
federal mandate needed to first provide the groundwork before social change can
exist? I have been looking at racial issues for comparisons and eventhough race
relations seem to be improving some areas are in definate decline. I would
appreciate some thoughts and comments from people who have research this issue
or have personal experience. Please indicate whether or not I would have your
permission to quote you in my thesis.

Thank you so very much,
Dawn Goetz

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