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Fri, 24 Jul 1998 12:35:16 -0400

Here's a new resource!

Forwarded by Susan Carter

"Materials Can Help Teachers Interest Young Minority Women in Science"

During 1991-1995, George Washington University ran a program called
"Bringing Young Minority Women to the Threshold of Science." The program
involved 100 minority high school girls in yearly cohorts of 24 - 30 girls
in grades 9-10 from the Washington, DC area. Along with six high school
science teachers, the girls participated in a year-long program that
introduced them to computers, role models from science and engineering, and
hands-on science research conducted in collaborative teams. The girls also
experienced 10 days of university dorm life.

Now educators can obtain some materials related to the program to help
them motivate female minority students to consider careers in science.

The "Young Minority Girls Program Planning Package" contains a videotape
describing how the program was developed and implemented, a report on the
characteristics of exemplary programs for minority girls, and a paper
describing a follow-up research study on the impact the program has had on
the teacher and student participants. The package, which costs $15.00,
can be ordered by sending a check (made out to GWU) to Professor Dianne
Martin, Young Minority Girls Program, EECS Dept. - AC T640, GWU,
Washington, DC 20052. Single copies of the report and the paper are
available free upon request.

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