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Hi Loretta,
You may want to try some of UCLA's sororities. I know that Alpha Chi Omega's
philanthropy is working with victims of domestic violence. When I was in
college at UCI, we worked a lot on both prevention, education &
intervention with the student population ( well as with the victims and

Another place to check is with some of the other ethnic-minority student
organizations. I know that issues of domestic violence has been raised and
addressed (at some level) within the Asian/Pacific American community. And I
know there are community based organizations that do workshops with college
students. I once watched an excellent film/documentary on domestic
violence--it focused on an Asian American women but also involving and
touching on the lives of a diverse group of women--in my Asian American Women
course taught by Maryann Takemoto (UCI Counseling Ctr).

Also, there was a student organization called Greeks Against Sexual Assualt
(GASA) that worked with just the Greek Community.

Hope this helps.


At 11:22 AM 7/23/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Can anyone point me in the direction of information specific to University
>environments, and college students in regards to education, prevention and
>intervention of domestic violence. I read a lot and hear about conferences,
>curriculum, and updates for teens but not for college men and women, whether
>for undergraduates and graduates.
>Here at the UCLA Women's Resource Center, we have begun to expand our rape
>prevention and education services to include dating/domestic violence and
>stalking. It would be great to know of various resources, or similar
>programs across the country that are doing the similar work with college
>Loretta C. Amaro

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