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Dee, For my master's thesis I did a review of the literature on several
variables that have been found to explain gender differences in achievement and
participation in mathematics. I would highly recommend the book entitled
Mathematics and Gender which was edited by Elizabeth Fennema and Gila Leder.
The book was published in 1990 by Teachers College Press. One chapter of
particular interest to you would be "Spatial Skills, Gender, and Mathematics" by
Lindsay A. Tartre.

Another journal article you may want to check out is the article by Elizabeth
Fennema and Julia Sherman entitled "Sex-related differences in mathematics
achievement, spatial visualization, and affective factors" published in American
Educational Research Journal, Winter 1977, V. 14(1), pp. 51-71. I believe it was
one of the groundbreaking articles in this field.

There is also a website that I used called Math Forum: Key Issues for Women in
Mathematics. This website has several links to other associations, projects,
interventions and reports that deal with your topic. Here's the address:

Another excellent webpage is the Women in Mathematics at Univ. of MD at
College Park.

If you are interested, I would be more than happy to share my bibliography.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are and I hope this helps!

Danielle Briggs

Other books that you might want to check out are (I cannot recall whether =
either of these deal with 'space and shape' issues):

New Directions for Equity in Mathematics Education (1995). Edited by = Walter
Secada, Elizabeth Fennema, and Lisa Byrd Adajian. Cambridge = University Press

Breaking the Barriers: Helping Female and Minority Students Succeed in =
Mathematics and Science. By Beatriz Chu Clewell, Bernice Taylor Anderson, = and
Margaret E. Thorpe published in 1992, Jossey-Bass Education Series.

>>> Dee Brookes <> 07/26/98 03:41AM >>>
I am looking for any help that I can get with a dissertation I am = writing=20
for my degree. The subject is gender differences in mathematics, particular=
with regard to "shape and space" topic issues. If anyone can point me in =
direction of any articles/web sites/books that could help, I would be eternally


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