Re: Mathematical gender differences

Linda Purrington (
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 14:24:46 -0700

Dear Dee Brookes,
If by any chance you stumble on anything relating girls' alleged
deficits in space/shape math to the exclusions of girls from moving
through space in athletics and in claiming their space in social
situations, please send it back to us; I've been trying to track down
such a connection for years. (I worked with my daughter by giving her a
huge lazy susan for her Legos, and origami lessons and finally stellated
dodekaicosahedron model building--and she has done wonderfully in
geometry.) Thank you and good luck!

Linda Purrington, Title IX Advocates,

Dee Brookes wrote:
> I am looking for any help that I can get with a dissertation I am writing
> for my degree. The subject is gender differences in mathematics, particularly
> with regard to "shape and space" topic issues. If anyone can point me in the
> direction of any articles/web sites/books that could help,
> I would be eternally grateful.
> Thanks,
> Dee

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