WEEA resource on math spatial visualization

7/28/98 1:55 PM EST

Here is another resource based on the research that Dee has raised, about
differences in mathematical understanding based on gender, spatial visualization
among the more prevalent. Dee, I know you were asking about the research
itself, but I thought you might be interested, as well, in a WEEA publication
that is based on the research, designed to address and implement strategies that
would address the challenge of spatial visualization in young women.

"Spatial Encounters: Exercises in Spatial Awareness" offers activities that
engage students and build on skills that they can apply to examples of
professional fields such as architecture and telecommunications. These
curriculum exercises combine spatial visualization skills needed in math,
science, and technology, applicable for grades K-12.

Ordering information: WEEA Equity Resource Center, order #2434, call
1-800-793-5076. See our web site for our full catalog!
< www.edc.org/womensequity >

I'm curious. What are some of your results so far?
Susan Carter

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