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Alia Quart Khan (
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 15:21:09 -0400

Hello my name is Alia Khan and I am hoping you can help me.
I'm a student currently in the second year of my International
Baccalaureate and in order to graduate I have to complete a
math research project for my mathematical studies class. I
have been searching on the internet for some data which I
desperately need. My project is based on classroom behavior,
focusing on gender bias. I was wondering if you knew of any
data publications I could purchase or download on this
subject? What I am looking for follows along the line of Myra
and David Sadker's research in their book Failing at Fairness.
If you are not familiar with this it basically concentrates
on classroom interaction between teacher and students; notably
how many girls get called on versus boys, how many answer
questions correctly, incorrectly, etc... I realize this is a tall and
complicated order, could you please tell me if I am addressing my query to the
right place and if such data exists?

Thank you in advance,

Alia Quart Khan

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