Re: School Board Policies

Kristen (
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 21:56:51 -0400

Are you just talking about athletic participation opportunities or are you
talking about other things like treatment and benefits, sexual harassment,
etc.? Do you want to know what the responsibilities are once inequities come
to their attention or what their responsibilities are to find out themselves
what inequities exist?

Kristen Galles, Equity Legal

Dempsey & Brown wrote:

> Expert Folks,
> In the past couple of months I have received several requests from school
> boards or their administrators for prototype language that provides
> direction for WHEN and HOW a public body properly reacts to needs of the
> under-presented gender/class. Law, both state and federal, "mandates" that
> student interest be surveyed to determine unmet interest in athletics and
> that this is what is assumed as baseline data when substantial
> disproportionality is detected, noted, complained about, etc.
> What I can't find is language that establishes triggers and defines
> procedure when self-study (or a curmudgeon like me) points in the direction
> of disproportionality/action. Any help out there?
> Herb Dempsey

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