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Ted Weverka (
Mon, 3 Aug 1998 15:43:29 -0700

It is important in working for gender equity to start young. Our High
Schools are preparing many fewer boys than girls for college, but that
preparation starts much earlier. In our elementary schools, our boys
are falling far behind girls on the basic reading performance. This
inequity is part of the failure of our schools to get as many boys as
girls into college. The program you construct ought to address the
failure of our schools to provide boys with an equal education.

-Robert Weverka

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> Presently we - the gender equality commission of the faculty of
> sociology at the University of Bielefeld - are trying to
> develop a new
> proposal for the forthcoming gender equality program. Thus, we would
> highly appreciate if we could consider a variety of
> suggestions in our
> work.

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