8/5/98 2:34 PM EST

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Forwarded from RA-EQUITY
Susan Carter

In response to the critical need to encourage young women to pursue their
interest in the physical sciences, a pilot project, "Physics Camp for Young
Women," will take place in the Salt Lake City area during the 1998 - 1999
school year. Physics Camp will bring together 20 young women from 5 local high
schools to explore the opportunities for women in science, with an emphasis on
physical science. These young ladies will be paired with college students who
will act as mentors, and will engage in career exploration in the form of a
guest lecture provided by a successful professional from a physics related
field. Lecturers will be drawn from the Society of Women Engineers, local
colleges, and area businesses. Participants will also explore hands-on
laboratory activities that encourage continued interest in science.

For more information, or to lend support for this project, contact Camp
Directors Tony Romanello ( or Lillian Tsosie-Jensen
( at Murray High School, 801-264-7460.


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