Newly Available GAO Reports and Testimonies

Wed, 5 Aug 1998 10:35:36 -0400

August 3, 1998

The following item was added to GAO's World Wide Web site in Portable
Document (PDF) format.

- Welfare Reform: Many States Continue Some Federal or State
Benefits for Immigrants. HEHS-98-132. 28 pp. plus 3 appendixes
(12 pp.) July 31, 1998.

These reports and testimonies will also be added to the
WAIS database in ASCII and PDF formats within the next 24 hours.

This database can be searched from the World Wide Web from the
search page at:

If you are using speech synthesizer equipment or lack World Wide
Web access you may search this database with GPO's public swais
client by telnetting to:

Any individual report may be retrieved directly from that archive
in text and PDF formats with the following URL:

replacing RPTNO with the report number (e.g., GAO/OCG-98-1).

Forwarded by Susan Carter

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