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>To: editor
>Date: Mon, 03 Aug 1998 04:47:48 PDT
>Dear Friend,
>The THIRD CITY MISSION is an international organization which focuses
>on female human rights. It supports issues as diverse as fight against
>domestic violence, the international trafficking of women and economic
>autonomy for women, among others. It supports women's groups based
>Nigeria specifically.
>The objectives of the THIRD CITY MISSION are to:
>Develop and strengthen links among women's groups worldwide;
>Heighten awareness of the needs and strengths of women;
>Listen to the concerns of women's groups in Nigeria;
>Increase support for women's efforts in Nigeria
>THIRD CITY MISSION is a non-profit and non-government organization
>engaged in educational work and campaigns through various media
>against exploitation of women in all forms.
>With respect to our campaign against women trafficking especially from
>Nigeria, the following are some efforts we have made so far:
>1. We have been collaborating with church leaders, traditional chiefs
>and heads of families in the Federal Republic of Nigeria's Edo State
>where the problem has increased in recent times to alarming
>2. We have also suggested to western European embassies to ensure a
>proper scrutiny of female visa applicants so as to sieve out prospective
>female travellers who may only end up in European brothels.
>3. Most of the prostitutes who have lost all hope have voluntarily made
>themselves accessible to us and during interviews have provided such
>detailed information that would fill several novels. With their
>co-operation, we have discovered some of the agents whose details we
>have often occasionally passed on to the appropriate authorities.
>4. We are also working on video projects entitled ,The Life of A
>Nigerian Woman in Western Europe" for educational purposes in Nigeria
>and other African countries.
>5. In our newsletter which we intend to publish soon, we shall
>chronicle all the activities related to the African woman and girl
>child that would also serve educational purposes with a view to
>discouraging the others from going into prostitution.
>6. In collaboration with other agencies we have raised AIDS awareness in
>our campaigns at schools, market places, churches, and at social
>7. We are also educating parents to discourage them from pushing"
>their daughters abroad in order to work and help the family - the
>nature of work of which is unknown to them.
>8. Above all, we are reminding our women folks of the dignity of the
female and of the ancient pride in virginity to dissuade them from
>falling into what we term ,the undignified trap".
>Just as we thought we have made good progress to stem the tide of
>female trafficking from Nigeria, information reaching us indicate that
>the Traffickers have discovered other loopholes in Eastern Europe
>where they are able with the assistance of organised agents to cross
>borders into Western Europe with the females. They therefore find it
>easier to obtain visas to these Eastern European countries who faced
>with the need to ecourage tourism in order to boost their economies
>are usually amenable to the issue of visas. In most of these countries
>of the former Soviet Union and Hungary, Poland and Romania one would
>see many of these girls camped in various locations waiting for the
>time to be sent across West.
>We are therefore looking for finacial support to supplement our
>resources in carrying our some of our future projects. We would
>appreciate any help in getting feedback from you as to how or where we
>may be able to solicit for possible assistance. Please send
>us names and e-mail addresses of related foundations or agencies and
>other government and non-profit sources.
>We look forward to reading from you soon.
>Yours faithfully,
>Anthony Owie

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