Re: Faculty maternity leave

Marty Henry (
Wed, 05 Aug 98 14:14:24 -0700

Cynthia, there is an interest group through AACTE (American Association of
Colleges of Teacher Education) who have done some work in this area. I don't
have a contact but maybe someone else on the list does.

Marty Henry

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Subject: Faculty maternity leave
Author: <> at Internet-Mail
Date: 8/5/98 8:55 AM

My name is Cynthia Mesh. I'm a former tenure-track French professor,
currently working as an independent scholar in southern California and
caring for my two small children. I'm embarking on a study of faculty
maternity leave - and the lack thereof - and its correlation to retention
and promotion of female tenure-track faculty members (and more generally,
its correlation to tenure-track and tenured female faculty satisfaction and

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