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Here is one response to my question about Computer Science enrollment.
Thank you Catherine.
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Check out the appendix to the NSF Women, Minorities and Persons with
Disabilities in Science and Engineering in 1996. They occasionally break
it down very specifically --

By percentage, between 1984 and 1994, the # of first-year college students
indicating an interest in a CS degree decreased. (App. table 3-11) I
believe that's both as a percent of overall college majors as well as
percent of SME majors. They don't give the related exact numbers, so I
don't know what the change in overall enrollment was.

>From my memory of when I did this type of work in higher ed, the number of
women entering decreased, not simply the number graduating. The table
3-26 says that between 1983 and 1993 the overall number of CS grads
(bachelors) remained about the same, while the percentage of women
graduates dropped 8%.

Hope that answers part of the question...

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