Resources for Latina women and girls
8/12/98 4:14 PM EST

You are most likely aware that the highest school dropout rate in the United
States is among the Latino student population. A topic of real concern lately
has been in increasing success for Latino students in school, decreasing dropout
rates, and programs that would help achieve those goals. A related prevalent
issue has been the high pregnancy rates among girls (of every cultural
background), as you also may be aware, which in this case, affects Latina girls
and their tendency to drop out, as well.

Perhaps we could all share a bit about what we know is being done to address
this issue of empowering students and empowerment education, particularly with
the Latino student population, and especially girls. Often what we are finding
is that community-based programs, including mentoring programs, are quite
effective, but information about existing programs and work being done in this
area is limited.

What are some programs or projects that you know of, either local or national?

Susan Carter

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