Resources for Latina women and girls -Reply

Wed, 12 Aug 1998 16:10:08 -0500

You might want to contact IDRA: the Intercultural Development Research
Association about a program called, "La Mija." In fact, IDRA generally
has been an invaluable resource for me. They have a dynamyte
newsletter. Located in San Antonio, Texas, you can reach them by
voice phone at 219-684-8180. Their E-mail address is <>
and their World Wide Web site is <>

Peggy Weeks

>>> <> 06/17/91 03:04am >>>
Perhaps we could all share a bit about what we know is being done to
address this issue of empowering students and empowerment
education, particularly with the Latino student population, and especially
girls. Often what we are finding is that community-based programs,
including mentoring programs, are quite effective, but information about
existing programs and work being done in this area is limited.

What are some programs or projects that you know of, either local or national?

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