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Subject: Girls get higher grades - a study =

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Girls get higher grades -- a study

By Traci Watson, USA Today
August 11, 1998

High-school girls outperform boys in school and expect to earn
just as much in careers in the millennium, according to a report out Tues=
day. =

Girls spend more time on homework than boys (6.8 hours per week
vs. 5.4) and are far more likely to expect to attend a four-year college =
after =

finishing high school, said the report sponsored by the Horatio Alger =

Association, a group that helps young people. =

Forty-three percent of boys expect to earn $35,000 or more at
the start of their careers, compared with 39% of the girls, the study sai=
d. =

"Consistent with their hard work and better grades, female teens
now have income expectations no different from those of males," the repo=
rt =

said. =

The report was based on a survey of 1,195 randomly chosen
students ages 14-18 who will spend most of their lives in the 21st centu=
ry. =

Among the findings: =

=B7Sixty percent of girls said they "try to take the most difficult and =

challenging courses they can," compared with 44% of boys.

=B7One-third of girls said they "received mostly A's on their last report=
card." =

Fewer than one-fifth of boys said the same.

=B7Three-fourths of girls "believe they will have many opportunities avai=
lable to =

them after they graduate." Two-thirds of the boys agreed.

=B7Eighty percent of girls said it is "personally important to them that =
they do =

their best in all of their classes," compared with 65% of boys. =

The report also found that minority students, on average, study more than=

whites. And white girls study more than white boys. =

Yet only 63% of minority teen-agers, compared with 72% of white kids, bel=
ieve =

they will find many available opportunities after they graduate. =

The report's authors don't know why white boys are such lackadaisical stu=
dents. =

"This may be because Caucasian males feel a sense of entitlement," said J=
Park, the group's educational analyst. Or it may be
because white boys participate in more extracurricular activities than ot=
her =


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