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Linda Purrington (
Thu, 13 Aug 1998 16:29:57 -0700

Wow, Ted, and that has such an interesting result: American women earn
only 75 cents to the men's dollar. Or is it true that education means
next to nothing in terms of merit for economic advancement? Are the
expectations of equality unfounded? What on earth can be going wrong?
Is there really room at the bottom for all our bright girls?
[My English teacher, the immortal Eva Freeman, did tell me that irony is
difficult to see in print alone, but it is such a temptation.]
Linda Purrington
Title IX Advocates

Ted Weverka wrote:
> Additionally, American women have been getting both undergraduate and
> graduate degrees at rates higher than men for well over a decade. The
> census reports are noting that over all age groups, women now have more of
> these degrees than men. The number of these degrees currently earned by
> young women is so much greater than that earned by young men, that the
> discrepancy that favors young women is more than the discrepancy favoring
> men in the older part of our population.
> It is not that "young women have bypassed men" recently. They did that long
> ago. It is that over all ages, women have bypassed men by this measure.
> Robert Weverka <>

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