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8/17/98 3:39 PM EST

Well, Bill, you asked a question, you sure got some answers! Since we are a
national equity resource center that specializes in producing gender-fair
educational materials, allow me to take this moment to recommend our WEEA
resources for multicultural, gender-fair curriculum materials for your history
class! As Mary Ann mentioned,

For more detailed descriptions of these other great resources, see our CATALOG
in the PUBLICATIONS section of our web site at

For orders, call 1-800-793-5076.

Though we mostly produce curriculum materials, we also have some great fiction,
as you requested. THE MOON OVER CRETE (order #2801, study guide also available)
is an exciting story about an 11-year old's journey back in time to Crete, with
the help of her flute teacher, to discover a civilization of gender equality
3,500 years old. ARUNA'S JOURNEYS (order #2803, study guide also available) is
about a young girl's travels to her homeland of India -- a journey to find
herself. Inspiring and educational for girls of every culture, the book takes a
second look at girlhood and cultural traditions that influence growing up.

My second recommendation picks up where other history texts leave off and
updates previous historical accounts. WOMEN'S JOURNEYS, WOMEN'S STORIES
presents a contemporary multicultural view, telling stories that fill critical
gaps in our nation's history. Some topics, in particular, that are highlighted
are Native American and Native Hawaiian women; Women of the South, including
Gullah women; Immigrant women, including Latina, Soviet Jewish, and Vietnamese
women; and a multicultural view of the Women's Rights Movement. If you're
looking for a new and fresh perspective, this would be it! Student manual
includes creative activities to bring learning to life, from interviews to art
projects, accompanied by teacher's guide with supporting information and
recommended resources, organizations, and cultural events. (order #2805)

A first of its kind, an anthology entitled A ROAD WELL TRAVELED, gives voice to
a diverse group of 12 Cuban American women in the United States, as they share
their stories and discuss their experiences, economic backgrounds, and
educational and professional achievements. Complemented by family photographs,
the strength of these women is captured in stories such as that of Isabel
Alvarez, who played baseball for the Fort Wayne Daisies, a team featured in the
1992 movie A League of Their Own. (order #2683)

Hope this helps, and let us know if you have questions.

Susan Carter
Women's Educational Equity Act (WEEA)
Equity Resource Center

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