More details for Latina girls
8/19/98 4:33 PM EST

Thank you to everyone who responded with resources and program recommendations
for Latina women and girls. Some of the information that was given didn't
include contact information, so I did some checking, and here's a summary
(below) of the postings with a bit more detail that I found. Hope this will be
helpful to all of you. It was definitely helpful to us! If there are any more,
send them along!

Susan Carter
WEEA Equity Resource Center

The White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans
created by E.O. 12900. Executive Director is Sarita Brown. U.S. Department of
Education, Phone: 202/401-2147, Website:

National Council of La Raza, 1111 19th Street, N.W., Suite 1000, Washington, DC
20036, Phone: 202-785-1670, Website:
La Raza published a booklet in 1996 "Untapped Potential: A Look at Hispanic
Women in the U.S." and "Latinas in the Workforce: The Nontraditional
Alternative" in 1997. They also run community-based mentoring progrmas.

National Latino Children's Institute, 1611 West Sixth Street, Austin, Texas
78703-5059, Phone: 512-472-9971, Website:
They are having a national conference in Washington, D.C. Sept 12-15 "Un Futuro

IDRA, the Intercultural Development Research Association, runs a program called
MIJA, "Engineering, Science and Math Increases Job Aspirations (ES-MIJA)"
program. It is a math and science enrichment program for female middle school
students of color, especially Latinas. Contact Dr. Chris Green at 5835
Callaghan Road, Suite 350, San Antonio, Texas 78228-1190, Phone: (210) 684-8180,
Email:, Web site:

Three programs in North Carolina, run by the NCSU 4-H Youth Development program
A. Youth Development School-Age Care Project, spearheading culturally relevant
and responsive programming for after school and summer programs for school-age
youth in North Carolina. Outreach to unserved or underserved populations,
targeting Hispanos / Latinos. (Gina Garcia-Somuk)
B. Educational Talent Search (Jerrye Garcia-Swift)
C. Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Coalition of NC (Linda Riggsbee)
Contact Gina Garcia-somuk, NCSU 4-H Youth Development, Hispanic Outreach
Director, 1200 Front Street, Suite 110, Raleigh NC 27609, Phone: (919)513-2053,

ASPIRA Association, Inc., a national nonprofit organization devoted solely to
serving Puerto Rican and other Latino youth through leadership development and
education. They also run an "ASPIRA Mathematics/Science Initiative." You can
contact them at 1444 I Street, N.W., 8th Floor, Washington, D.C. 20005, Phone:
(202) 835-3600, Email:, Web site:

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