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Right you are. Let's not stop there. On White Swan Hill (old road) in Idaho
there is a nasty little old stone monument that tells of the brave men who
died (fighting hostiles) (editorial addition) to preserve the nation. Beyond
"gender fair" must also be "ethnically fair" and frequently what masquerades
as fairness is poorly disguised ethnocentrism.

When the Pilgrims rowed they were not only men but quite "pure." Gun
violence, kids killing kids, is frequently cast as black-on-black violence
except when it is so horrendous that the press has to identify the
perpetrator as white. As a classroom teacher I found that the
"story-behind-the-story" was often distorted in ways that were designed to
offer minimal affront to the paying public.

Herb Dempsey

Bill Oetjen wrote:
... suggest some gender neutral fiction that corresponds
> with those themes.

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