Equity/Diversity Conferences for 98-99

marylin hulme (hulme@rci.rutgers.edu)
31 Aug 1998 18:22:06 -0000

The equity assistance center for Region B (NJ, NYS, Puerto Rico, and the
Virgin Islands) will be organizing several conferences this year. For up to
date information, visit the website at

The first one will take place on October 9, 1998, at New Jersey City
University (the former Jersey City State College) on "Equity & the
Standards: Achievement for ALL Students".

Marylin A. Hulme

>I have gotten two requests from Community college campuses in Hawaii
>requesting information on any equity/diverstiy conferences planned for the
>coming academic year.
>I am already on the information pipeline for NAPE, NCSEE, AAUW, NOAPPP,
>and Women Work. However I am sure there are regional, state, or campus
>organized events that are being planned. If you already know of dates,
>place, and conference title (even if registration brochure is not yet
>developed) can you please share with me?
>Mahalo nui.
>Barbara Tavares
>University of Hawaii

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