Family involvement
8/26/98 2:43 PM EST

Because one of my passions is increasing parent involvement in education, I am
always looking for new resources related to this topic. I recently found two
commercial Internet sites that may be useful to you.

1. The purpose of AMERICA LINKS UP is to provide public awareness so that every
child has a safe, educational and rewarding experience on-line. The front page
of this Website presents two menus: one for under 18; one for over 18.

The Under 18 selection provides two choices: Tips for Kids; and Good Stuff for

The Over 18 selection provides five choices: Tools and Tips for Parents; Good
Stuff for Kids; The Main Event (a virtual Teach-In to be hosted Sept. 15); Find
An Event in Your Area; and Plan Your Own Teach-In.

This site contains helpful guidelines for children using the Internet and good
stuff for kids. The "Good Stuff for Kids" area is huge and has many exciting,
fun, educational places for children.

Check out

2. The FAMILY EDUCATION NETWORK has re-designed their Website to make it more
creative and useful than before the revisions. Their Home page presents the
following choices:

A. Preschool and Younger
B. Elementary School
C. Middle School
D. High School and Beyond
E. Resource Center
F. Free Stuff

FEN also hosts Discussion groups about parenting and education issues.

Check out

Both are commercial sites so one must contend with advertisements, but both
contain useful information.

Joy Wallace

Forwarded by Susan Carter

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