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Now Available: Sexual Harassment and Teenagers

A powerful but inexpensive tool for helping teens cope with the growing toxicity
of sexual harassment in schools. The Sexual Harassment and Teenagers booklet
helps kids understand the law, identify the behaviors, know the difference
between flirting and harassment and, gives them numerious ways of getting help.
It even includes information on what to do if adults don't respond or what to do
if they experience retaliation. Based on hundreds of interactions with teens and
written with them in mind it is an excellent, compact resource for teens,
parents and teachers.

For more information E-mail us at Or call at (802)
229-0100 (Forwarded from RA-EQUITY)

For information about related sexual harassment resources,
with practical guidelines for young women and adults, and a close look at the
issues involved, see

* Sexual Harassment and Teens
* In Love and in Danger
* Dating Violence: Young Women in Danger
* Flirting or Hurting?: Sexual Harassment in Schools

on the WEEA (Women's Educational Equity Act) web site at

Susan Carter

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