Re: Equity and "choice" in public education

marylin hulme (
1 Sep 1998 19:36:41 -0000

I just printed out a policy paper from us dept of education on civil rights
and public charter schools which answers a lot of the questions that i had.
it is called " questions and answers on the application of federal civil
rights laws to public charter schools"
marylin a. hulme

At 02:27 PM 8/31/98 -0700, you wrote:
>I am hoping that members of this list can point me to internet resources
>in the area of equity as it relates to choice school policies such as
>magnet schools, charter schools, alternative programs etc.
>I am finding it difficult to locate much in the way of solid research or
>long-term studies in this area - particularly the effects on students
>with special needs.
>I hope that this request is not too broad.
>Katherine Wagner
>Maple Ridge, BC

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