Educational Celebrations of Heritage
9/2/98 3:12 PM EST

Following up on an earlier posting about resources for Latinas, Dr. Donna Hart
from the Statewide Equity Resource Center in Maryland, sent me information about
a great resource that she wanted you all to know about. Here's the summary:

The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC sponsors teacher workshops
followed by theatre productions for classes. The intent is to "enrich the
theater experience for teachers and provide content, activity, and discussion
topics that integrate a number of instructional areas." Upcoming events:

Tales from El Salvador (grades 1-4)
October 20-30, 1998, teacher workshop Oct. 16
The play retells some of El Salvador's best-loved tales through the experiences
of two women traveling from their homeland to the United States, in celebration
of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Animalway of Turtle Island
teacher workshop November 6
Philip "Blue Owl" Hooser demonstrates how fold tales can be used to teacher
American Indian culture and history, in celebration of American Indian Heritage

The Escape
April 27-May 7, 1999, teacher workshop March 16
This tells the story of two slaves who secretly married and escaped to Canada,
where slavery was against the law. In honor of Black History Month (February),
there is also another production called The Meeting, a fictional encounter
between Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Malcolm X.

For more information and more complete details,
Visit their web site at Discovery Theater
or call 202-357-1500

For more information about upcoming conferences of the Statewide Equity Resource
Center, visit their web site at

If you are looking for more events and information, or other professional
development opportunies, contact us at the WEEA Equity Resource Center, at and we'll do our best to meet your needs!
Our web site is

Susan Carter

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