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Wed, 02 Sep 1998 16:04:38 -0500

This was a snippet from an ABC(?) segment for television on _Dateline_
awhile ago. Myra and David Sadker appeared and discussed their
research w/ Jane Pauli and then discussed the tapes of the teachers
teaching. That's the best I can do as to what you may be
seeking....Good luck!

Peggy Weeks <>

>>> Janice Wallace <> 09/02/98 01:39pm >>>
A colleague at the faculty of education has asked me about a video she
saw a couple of years ago which depicted three teachers (she thinks
that was the number) in real classrooms who thought they were
teaching equitably but the footage reveals the ways in which they
ignored girls, etc., etc. I haven't seen this particular video and wonder if
anyone has and can give me the name of the title. Thanks.

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