Sexual Harassment -- A Correction
9/10/98 3:15 PM EST

A couple of weeks ago I posted a message with some information about sexual
harassment resources. Actually, it included some of our own WEEA resources,
and one resource that I forwarded from another listserv. Ocassionally I
forward these messages because I believe it's important to keep the information
flowing among all of us who are devoted to promoting equity in education, and
when I hear about good resources, I like to pass them along. I also use it as
an opportunity to recommend our own WEEA resources.

However, I was recently informed of some history about the validity of the
resource that I forwarded, that I feel it would be important to pass along to
all of you. The name of the resource was Sexual Harassment and Teenagers.

It turns out that one of our esteemed colleagues in the field, Eleanor Linn, had
produced a similar resource prior to that one, and the suspicion arose that
there may have been some plagiarism involved in the production of this later
edition, due to a similar infringement in a previous edition of the publication.
After some discussion among the authors, the issue was cleared up and Eleanor
has verified that the current edition is sufficiently different. As an
administrator of a listserv, it is not always possible to check into the
validity of other resources that are recommended -- but I do consider it our
responsibility to be fair and equitable to all of our participants, which
includes allowing everyone's voices to be heard and truth to be known.

Here is information about Eleanor Linn's original, and very useful, resource.

Tune In to Your Rights: A Guide for Teenagers about Turning Off Sexual
Harassment. These materials have received international praise and have been
adopted by school districts across the country. It is 32 pages long and very
readable for students in grades 5 and above. We also have culturally sensitive
translations in Spanish and Arabic (Agarra la Onda de tus Derechos and 'I'rif
Hqoqak). They may be ordered for $4/copy prepaid from Programs for Educational
Opportunity, 1005 School of Education, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
48109-1259. Checks should be made payable to the University of Michigan. These
books are also sold at bulk rate for $400 for a box of 200 copies.

A more detailed description of this publication is also listed in our WEEA
catalog, in the violence prevention section, which you can find on our web site

If you have any questions, feel free to write to me directly.
Susan Carter

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