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Fri, 11 Sep 1998 16:50:17 -0500

Try _Bully Proof_, a 1996 curriculum developed by Nan Stein. It's
labeled appropraite for use with 4th and 5th graders. It is subtitled , _ A
Teacher's Guide on Teasing and Bullying_. Formulated by Nan Stein and
Emily Gaberman. Written by Lisa S. Jostrom and Nan Stein. Illustrated by
Dominic Cappello. This is a joint publication of The Wellesley College
Center for Research on Women and the NEA Professional Library. It's a
spiral-bound, sixty page softcover publication filled with information and
presentation ideas. It has 11 classroom "Core Lessons" that range from
discussions to case studies. It's a great resource!

Peggy Weeks

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Sometime ago someone mentioned an attempt to address the question of
how to diffuse potential violence in schools. I remember the term
"Bullies'' and some program aimed at that by someone. Can anyone
please give me some information re-garding this?? I really need it!!!

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