UNESCO Programme on Women: Gender Equity

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UNESCO-CEPES Programme on Women: First Announcement

Good practice in promoting gender equality in higher education

Implementing agency:
UNESCO European Centre for Higher Education-CEPES is implementing this project
in the framework of the UNESCO programme "Women, Higher Education and

CEPES, Telephone: 40-1-315.99.56/40-1-315.99.57
Telefax: 40-1-312.35.67
E-mail: laura@cepes.ro (or cepes@cepes.ro)

Contact persons:
Laura Grunberg, programme coordinator
Cecilia Preda, documentalist


Identification and dissemination of good practice in promoting gender equality
in higher education, mainly in the region of Central Eastern Europe and former
Soviet countries

Envisaged Partners:
Ministries of Education in the region
NGOs and resource centres in Europe with expertise in the domain
Higher education institutions in the region
UNESCO Unit for the Promotion of the Status of Women and Gender Equality
UNESCO Division of Statistics

regional survey
comparative study between different models of including a gender
dimension in
higher education reform
case studies
local and regional training, seminars and meetings
electronic discussion list on gender equality

transfer of knowledge within countries in the region
training for researchers, governmental representatives, teaching and
administrative staff

comparative studies and a series of case studies
Kit with examples of Good Practice in the region
CEPES Agenda on Gender Equality in Academe

We are looking for examples of good practice in promoting gender equality in
higher education, mainly in countries from central and eastern Europe and former
soviet region. For the purpose of this programme we are searching for successful
initiatives in four areas:
access to higher education and labour market;
access to a larger spectrum of non-traditional
access to higher education for ethnic women/women from rural areas;
research on the situation of women graduates in the labour market, etc.
climate that supports gender equality in the classrooms, campuses and the
creation of a solidarity space for women: pedagogical initiatives,; approaching
the issue of sexual harassment; creation of women's clubs/unions, etc.
inclusion of gender issues in teaching and learning materials: curricula
reform-development of gender studies; incorporation of gender issues in
other disciplines,; gender inclusive language in the content of teaching
and learning materials, etc.
promotion of women to decision making and professional positions, promoting
young women graduates to academic positions, promoting research on gender
stratification in universities, etc.

Do you know about a good practice in your country/at your institution? Inform
us! Should a case study be undertaken at your institution? Why? Contact us! Do
you know about a successful regional initiative in the domain of gender equality
in higher education? Inform us!
Do you know other institutions/individuals that are interested to participate in
our programme? Let them know about us!
Would you like to be part of our electronic discussion list? Give us your
name/affiliation and e-mail address!
Do you have any suggestions and information for our programme? Share with us!
Would you like to be a financing partner in this project? Together we could
enlarge the area of activities- more local training, more case studies, more
participants for the regional meetings! Contact us!

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