SNOW courses

Laurie Harrison (
Mon, 21 Sep 1998 17:52:14 +0000

You might be interested in current online workshop offerings at the SNOW site:

Professional development courses for teachers of students with Special Needs -
available over the Internet - free of charge.

Multiple Intelligences: Classroom Applications (Starts Sept. 28)
Problem Solving in the Classroom (Starts Oct. 5)
Designing Accessible Curriculum (Starts Oct. 13 )
Special Education: The Basics (Starts Oct. 19)
Victimless Teaching (Starts Oct. 26)

Visit the web site at for online registration or
e-mail for more information.

The hosting of the SNOW web site and coordination of curriculum materials is
facilitated by the the Adaptive Technology
Resource Centre at the University of Toronto with assistance from the Provincial
Schools Branch of Ontario Ministry of
Education and Training for their support.

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