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1998 Hispanic Heritage Award Winners

Five outstanding members of the Hispanic community were named last week as
recipients of the prestigious 1998 Hispanic Heritage Awards. Being honored this
year are:

Rebecca Lobo, Hispanic Heritage Award for Sports, an outstanding athlete
instrumental in the establishment and acceptance of the WNBA;

Martin Sheen, Hispanic Heritage Award for the Arts, a world renown actor who has
continually supported the fights against domestic violence and world poverty;

Antonia Coello Novello, M.D., Hispanic Heritage Award for Leadership; is the
first woman and the first Hispanic to be appointed U.S. Surgeon General;

Luis Rodriguez, Hispanic Heritage Awards for Literature, is an internationally
recognized author and poet who uses his considerable talents to help end gang

Abraham Chavez, Hispanic Heritage Awards for Education; world renown violinist
and founder of the El Paso Youth Symphony and the Yselta Youth Symphony; and

Celia Cruz, Hispanic Heritage Awards for Lifetime Achievement, universally known
as the "Queen of Latin Music," Cruz has been a moving force in the music
industry for 50 years.

In their 12th year, the Hispanic Heritage Awards were established to promote and
reward the best the Latino community has to offer this country in education,
literature, leadership, sports and the arts. The awards are given annually in
conjunction with Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15 through October 15.
Again this year, the Awards program will be broadcast nationally on October 17.
The broadcast in 1997 reached more than 80 percent of the Hispanic television

The U.S. Postal Service co-sponsors the Awards along with Dr. Pepper/Seven Up,
Allstate Insurance Company, Denny's, MasterCard International, and Chase
Manhattan Bank.

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage month in your classroom! For information about
curriculum materials that highlight women of Hispanic heritage, visit our web
site at www.edc.org/womensequity
... and especially look for our publications entitled

- A Road Well Traveled
- Women's Journeys, Womens Stories
- The Scientist within You
- Las Matematicas, las sciencias y su hija (Math, Science, and your Daughter)
- La Igualdad de Genero para Educadores, Padres, y la Comunidad (Gender Equity
for Educators, Parents, and Community)

Susan Carter
WEEA Equity Resource Center

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