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NEARLY 30 NEW FEDERAL EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES have been added to the FREE website.

The FREE website was developed by more than 35 federal agencies to make
*hundreds* of teaching & learning resources from across the federal government
available -- & searchable -- in one place.

Below are titles, descriptions, URLs, & sponsoring agencies
of recently added resources. (A guide to acronyms is at the
end of this message.)

Visit the FREE (Federal Resources for Educational
Excellence) website & its "What's New" area at:

Describe your favorite FREE resource -- at -- & your message could
be featured on the FREE homepage, which is the most popular
K-12 webpage on the U.S. Department of Education's website.
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(FREE) WEBSITE -- September 22, 1998

Language Arts

"National Research Center on English Learning & Achievement
(CELA)" provides information on what elements of curriculum,
instruction, & assessment are essential to developing high
literacy & how schools can best help students achieve success.

"Center for the Improvement of Early Reading Achievement (CIERA)"
generates & disseminates theoretical, empirical, & practical
solutions to persistent problems in the learning & teaching of
beginning reading. (ED)


"National Network for Science & Technology" offers hands-on
learning science & technology activities & resources, including
an interactive cyber camp for kids where you can participate in
campfire activities, building an aquarium, & more. (USDA)

"Drinking Water; Kids' Stuff" teaches kids about the importance
of safe drinking water through teaching & learning resources such
as an activity on how to build your own aquifer, experiments on
the water treatment process, & the drinking water art project.

"The Particle Adventure" introduces, through an interactive
adventure tour, the theory of fundamental particles & forces. It
also looks at why physicists want to go beyond the Standard Model
theory. In addition, the site offers a new discussion board.

"Water Science for Schools" offers information on many aspects of
water, along with pictures, data, maps, & an interactive center
where you can give opinions & test your water knowledge (USGS)

"Kansas Collaborative Research Network, KanCRN" offers an open
community of researchers, students, & teachers interested in
conducting Internet-based collaborative research on topics such
as global warming, stream monitoring, & the ozone. (ED)

"Rus, the Surfin' Squirrel" explores how utilities work today or
go back in time to find out how rural Americans brought
electricity, telecommunications & running water to their farms &
towns. (USDA)

Social Studies

"New Deal Network, Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt Institute"
provides research & teaching resources devoted to the public
works & arts projects of the New Deal, including information on
how the Great Depression affected children, & workers programs
for women that made dolls to be sold for children in nurseries,
schools, & hospitals. (NEH)

"India & China in Comparative & Global Perspective, California
State Polytechnic University, Pomona" introduces the content,
approach, texts & topics used in a 3-year professional
development program on India & China for school teachers. (NEH)

"Great Plains Chautaqua Society" documents the history of early
20th century leaders such as Theodore Roosevelt, Jane Addams, &
Booker T. Washington through the voices of today's scholars.

"Women & Social Movements in the United States, 1830-1930"
introduces students to primary documents related to women &
social movements in the U.S. between 1830 & 1930, including
letters & newspapers articles on the role of African American
women in the passage of the woman suffrage amendment. (NEH)

"Save America's Treasures Tour" chronicles the First Lady's visit
to historic sites from Washington, D.C. to Seneca Falls, N.Y.

"The Trip of the President to the People's Republic of China"
chronicles the President's trip to Xi'an, Beijing, Shanghai,
Guilin, Hong Kong, & China through photographs, speeches,
briefings, & more. (WH)

"The Unfinished Lincoln Memorial" provides lessons that use
photographs of the memorial of President Lincoln & other
information for teaching students history, civics, & government.

"Freedmen & Southern Society Project, University of Maryland,
College Park" recounts the personal experiences & the drama of
emancipation in the words of the participants: liberated slaves &
defeated slaveholders, soldiers & civilians, common folk & the
elite, Northerners & Southerners. (NEH)

"The U.S. Recognition of the State of Israel" is a lesson plan on
the history, conflicts, & U.S. involvement surrounding Israel
before & after its proclamation of statehood. (NARA)

National Park Service Resources

"Baltimore: A National Register of Historic Places Travel
Itinerary" provides an online tour of residential, commercial,
industrial, & religious locations spanning more than 2 centuries
of history.

"Detroit: A National Register of Historic Places Travel
Itinerary" illustrates the city's varied past & its contribution
to life today. Through maps, descriptions, & photographs of
places both famous & little-known, this guide explains why
Detroit has long been more than just a Motor City.

"Seattle: A National Register of Historic Places Travel
Itinerary" suggests why Seattle continues to draw people to the
Pacific Northwest.

"Lying Lightly on the Land: Building America's National Park
Roads & Parkways" provides an overview of this exhibit, which
explains the historical role of transportation in visitors
exploration of National Parks -- from the stagecoach to the

"Places Where Women Made History: A National Register of Historic
Places Travel Itinerary" explores the range of historic places in
Massachusetts & New York associated with various aspects of
women's history through the use of interactive maps, photographs,
essays on women's achievements in American history, & more.

"American Visionaries: Thomas Moran" features historical
background information on Thomas Moran, who was instrumental in
securing our heritage of national parks for the continuing
benefit & enjoyment of the American people & the world. It
includes Moran's painting of Yellowstone National Park, which
helped inspire Congress to establish the National Park System in

"The Battle of Antietam/Sharpsburg" shows the kinds of artillary
& battle tactics used at Antietam & provides information on
General Robert Lee, General George McClellan, Clara Barton, &

"Our Shared History: Celebrating African American History &
Culture" offers a tour of the historic South, detailed
information on the Underground Railroad -- the effort to assist
persons to escape from slavery -- including a map of the most
common directions of escape taken, profiles of historical sites,
& landmarks dedicated to African American leaders such as Booker
T. Washington, Martin Luther King, & Frederick Douglass.

"Petersburg National Battlefield Park Teachers Section" hosts of
a teacher's resource guide, developed in partnership with park
rangers & teachers, containing 48 learning activities for K-12,
which prepare students for a visit to the park & provide
additional learning opportunities for use in the classroom
following your field trip.

"Whitman Mission National Historic Site" provides teacher guides
on the history of the Pacific Northwest & the Oregon Trail that
include activities on spelling, language arts, math, art,
science, & more.


"Museums & Learning: A Guide for Family Visits" provides basic
information about museums & how they relate to learning, &
suggests ways to make museum visits enjoyable learning
experiences for families with children ranging in age from 4 to
12 years old. (ED & SI)


ED -- U.S. Department of Education
EPA -- Environmental Protection Agency
DOE -- U.S. Department of Energy
NARA -- National Archives & Records Administration
NEH -- National Endowment for the Humanities
NPS -- National Park Service
NSF -- National Science Foundation
SI -- Smithsonian Institution
USDA -- U.S. Department of Agriculture
USGS -- U.S. Geological Survey
WH -- White House

Forwarded by Susan Carter

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