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-------------------Women in Science------------------------
Presenting a new web site: "Women In Science." We would like you
to visit this innovative site created by three high school students for
the 1998 ThinkQuest International contest (This entry recently advanced to
the semi-finalist round.) If biology, chemistry, physics, medicine, or earth and
space science interest you, the 'Women in Science' web site is the place to


This site includes the first International Registry for Women in
Science, Electronic Field Trips, a Mentoring Area, Online Interviews,
Biographies, and more.

The "Women in Science" site is the first ever to include an
International Registry. This allows international women in science to
submit their names, job descriptions, and have a chance to become a mentor for a
young student.

All dressed up with no place to go? Further more, how will you get
there? Surf your way there with an Electronic Field Trip! The trips are
composed of places that most students might not be able to visit. These
scientific trips include such adventures as a step by step guide and
description of DNA processing including pictures and human guinea pigs.

The mentoring area is a place where students can log on and connect with
a female in science to ask questions or advice on their particular field
of interest.

In order to receive accurate information, Online Interviews were
conducted via the internet with various females involved in science. To
retrieve information about individual women in science, biographies were
developed with detailed profiles, and in some cases, pictures.

Don't forget to take notes using the convenient Note Pad. Just log in,
copy and paste your notes from the site, save your notes, and log out.
The next time you come to the site, your notes will be there for you to
use again.

The Future Scientists section is for students to submit their name, and
information about how THEY will affect science in the future. This will
become part of the web page permanently.

Teachers will have a chance to publish online too. The Teacher Resource
section is an area specifically for teachers to submit lesson plans and
retrieve plans from one another. This file cabinet will bulge as plans
are added from all over the world.

Once students have browsed the site, they can go to the Student Medal
Awards section. Here, the number of areas visited on the page determines
which medal award they receive (bronze, silver, or gold). Just print out your
very own award with your name on it!

Crossword puzzles and word searches pertaining to a specific areas of
science are available in the Fun and Games section.

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