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Laurie Harrison (
Fri, 9 Oct 1998 21:23:10 +0000

As curriculum coordinator of the SNOW project, I have been asked to moderate a
forum concerning new online technologies and accessibility issues. I thought you
might be interested in joining us, as we are looking for participants from all
angles on the topic. Here is the official invitation, along with a personal
invitation from me, to participate in the

I am also moderating a course on developing accessible curriculum, that might be
of interest. The URL is:
Just create an account if you are interested. Its free! Or pass on the info to
others who might be interested.


Learning technologies are often touted as a great equalizer in education and
training: the opportunities they create for multiple formats and multiple
delivery options can indeed increase access for learners for whom distance, time
commitments, or learning styles make traditional classroom-based instruction
difficult or impossible. But do these learning technologies encourage only some
groups of potential learners while
excluding others? Do they ignore the needs of disabled learners?

Join the NODE and the Office of Learning Technologies for New Learning
Technologies and Learners with Disabilities, a bilingual online forum exploring
the issues involved in facilitating access for all learners. Key objectives of
the forum are:

- to create an opportunity for practitioners, developers, policy makers and
students to meet and discuss access and development issues

- to facilitate mutual understanding of these different stakeholders needs,
concerns and abilities

- to share resources and best practices for improving access to education

- to extend the discussion to the education and training mainstream by
encouraging the participation of educators and trainers who have not yet
addressed these issues

- to foster dialogue and cooperation between developers of educational
technology and developers of adaptive and assistive technology

Moderators Laurie Harrison of the Centre for Academic and Adaptive Technology at
the University of Toronto and Noël Thomas of Réseau Interaction Network will
lead this discussion from October 19th
- 30th inclusive. The forum is open to all through the OLTs website at (English) or (French), or through
the NODE=s English language site at

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