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Elizabeth Homer (
Sun, 18 Oct 1998 13:22:59 -0500

Dear List:
I finally got around to reading Kim's article in the September issue of
Feminista. I thought it was very good, and if you, like me,
haven't read it yet, let me remind you of it below. I thought how
marvelous it is that through the medium of email and CMC-based
Distance Education we can really study female/male communications.
The findings remined me of another female/male list, The Family
Networker Journal's list (Psychology and Modern Life), where
psychologist and CSW therapists chat. The communication patterns
seemed similar in many ways among this group of male and female
communicators and relationship specialists.
But to the point: it seems to me that such studies point to the need
for CMC-based courses to set some perameters, rules, if you will, that
establish a situation of equality in communication among the
students. It would be good practice for the course and for life.


KIM wrote:
> Article on Gender Differences in learning styles, participation barriers, and
communication patterns for higher education students using CMC-based Distance

> I'm proud to annouce MY FIRST PUBLISHED academic journal article. Please be
kind when you review it (grin) at <>
> Kim Blum
> Ph.D. Student
> Walden University

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