Re: Youth as SH Prevention Specialists
Wed, 21 Oct 1998 11:39:16 EDT

I have worked with school districts and students to bring awareness about
sexual harassment and work with student leaders to develop strategies to "peer
monitor" sexual harassment. A couple of important points:

One of the biggest challenges is to convince girls that being sexually
harassed is not okay.

Students may be as concerned about sexual harassment from adults (teachers) as
they are from peers.

It is critical to be age appropriate in all training. What is appropriate for a
junior in high school is not appropriate for a sixth grader. Many sexual
harassment student programs have been derailed by parental complaints of
inappropriate content.

Communications with parents, including the opportunity to review the program and
exclude their child from participation is important.

Prior training of staff on not only understanding sexual harassment but what to
do when they observe harassment or are involved in an investigation is critical.
It will only take one botched report or investigation for students to be
unwilling to report.

The school board must be "on board" This will most likely be considered part of
the educational program and thus require school board approval.

Good luck

K. Schwartzrock
Education Consultant
Eugene, Oregon

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