Re: Youth as SH Prevention Specialists

Melissa Ponder (
Wed, 21 Oct 1998 10:55:53 -0700

Hi Rochelle (is this Roxcy in Omak, WA?),

If not, Roxcy Allen in the Omak SD would be a great resource. She's been
working with students on equity issues for a number of years.

My office has co-coordinated with the Vocational Equity Program office at
OSPI a student statewide vocational equity project called Bias Busters in
WA state. Many teams have moved on to facilitate peer education/training
on sexual harassment. Sandra Gordon ( at
New Market Skills Center in Tumwater is a great resource also, she has
worked with students (Equity Ambassadors) on a variety of peer education

There are also a couple of youth focused/youth led groups working on
harassment issues in the Seattle area. Let me know if you'd like their
contact info and I'll track it down. (not in my office right now)

You can also request information on current video/curriculum on the topic
from Darcy Lees at OSPI (

I'm sure you will receive a wealth of info from the edequity list. But, if
you'd like more info about WA state efforts, please feel free to contact me

Good luck,
Melissa Ponder
NW Center for Equity and Diversity

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