Equity and Reading/Literacy

Riling/Anderson (seamouse@televar.com)
Wed, 21 Oct 1998 21:14:40 -0800

Thanks for the helpful responses to my students and sexual harassment
question. Now a new one. I've been invited to sit in with a couple
work groups hashing out a state mandated reading improvement plan. The
deadline is very soon and the work groups will meet November 3. I've
been asked if I can give the groups some input on actions that might
help the school district to address cultural, gender, ethnic, and
socio-economic status impacts on reading literacy. My understanding is
the state breakdown on reading scores shows Native Americans and
Hispanics in our state faring significantly worse than Anglos. Economic
status notwithstanding. Girls did better than boys. Of course, none of
that is surprising, but does anyone know of successful or promising
efforts addressing those gaps?

Thanks again.

Rochelle Riling
Equity Coordinator
Omak School District, WA State

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