Advice for a grant
Fri, 23 Oct 1998 09:11:37 EDT

Dear Members,

I am considering applying for a grant (Orange County Community Foundation
Grant), which ranges in size from $2500-$10,000. The deadline postmark date is
Nov. 6, so I have very little time (I just found out about it).

The goal of the funder is, "to support Orange County public school students in
their growth to capable, responsible maturity."

The objective of an acceptable proposal is, "to provide valuable, effective
and urgently needed direct services, program or equipment to achieve the above
goal. Acceptable proposals may relate to such varied elements as curriculum,
mentoring, increasing parent involvement or student achievement in the arts or
physical education."

Also, we are strongly encouraged to use community partners (to get donations,
volunteers, collaborations, etc.)

I am not a grant writer, but a public school teacher. I have written two
grants--got 1, but for $2500 (technology grant). I REALLY need help focusing on
ONE idea--which would be the most feasible, most likely to be funded? I also
need some help wording my objectives.

I am thinking of 3 projects:
1) Purchasing Science kits (at about $500 a piece) for the physical and earth
sciences, mostly, to have an after school and/or summer program for elementary
age girls (and their mothers??) (Possible collaboration with Cal State
Fullerton, Fullerton College, the Arboretum)

2) Same thing as above, but open to boys and girls (I work in a high poverty,
Hispanic area).

3) A Karate program open to girls only (because of sparring), partnering with a
local Kempo Karate school.

Should I do girls-only? Or, should I focus on the SES, racial equity thing.
HEEEEEEELP!!!! Our kids need programs so desperately and I am so unprepared to
write this grant, but I want it badly!!!!!!

Please e-mail me privately (or call me) to respond! Thanks!!!!!

Debbie Michels (
(714) 526-1169

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