Career Reentry programs
11/2/98 2:02 PM EST

Great opportunity to highlight your programs!
Donna Milgram

Forwarded from VOCNET:

I am writing an article for Techniques magazine (a monthly magazine
published by the American Vocational Association) on adult career
education programs. The article focuses on how adults who are changing
their careers are successfully preparing for the workforce. I want to
focus on two types of reentry programs. First, I'm interested in prgrams
for adults who have been working and are either changing their careers
or updating their skills for increased job security and better wages.
I'm especially looking for informational technology programs, because
that seems to be a hot career these days. Secondly, I'm looking at adult
career reentry programs for those who are in critical family or economic
situations and need to return to work. I'm also interested in any
studies that focus on this audience of adults changing their career or
starting their career.

Please contact me if know of any such programs or studies. This article
is for the next issue of Techniques, so if you have any information you
would like to pass on to me, please do so by November 4. Thanks for
your help!

Dilshad D. Husain
Associate Editor, Techniques
American Vocational Association

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