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Tue, 3 Nov 1998 18:02:14 -0500 (EST)

DIfferent and the Same is a great program for elem. level kids (you dind't
sp[ecifiy the level). WIth an largely Euro-Am population, which is the
population of MY home town from my youth, it is very hard to say that any
cultural diversity program is suitable -- but this one is of the "kinder
gentler" type -- characters are puppet/muppet figures, with some live
adults mixed in. So when the puppets are acting out the issues, it isn't
so much that an AFRICAN AMERICAN kid is dealing with a situation involving
an ASIAN kid -- it's mostly about what it feels like to be different and
the "differences" run the gamut from being unathletic, to being
generically from a "different culture," etc -- so kids who have not really
been exposed to many members of other cultures and races, would not be
shocked or feel totally out of their own experience.

Program was produced by Family Communications, you know -- Mr. Rogers
Neighborhood folks. Costs $150 (that is an old price, maybe inflation has
hit) -- 9 videos with a handbook that is incredibly easy for any old lay
person to use -- it's scripted, with opportunity to adjust the scrip to
any level withing the k-5 curriculum. The nice thing about it too is that
if you buy the program, you are allowed to make additional copies of the
video and the handbook, or buy more handbooks for only $5 each -- and it's
a huge book.

I have used it with 1st, 2nd graders and with a group of kids from the Y --
varying in age from pre-school to preteens . I LOVE this program!

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