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Your e-mail came through. I'd like to participate. My supervisor indicates
that I may, and outlined a procedure to use if I wanted to have the Department
as a whole participate. I said I'd think about which to use. In either case,
it is not new policy and so doesn't have to go before the State Board of
Education. Do you have a preference? If the department
participates I need to go through the Attorney General's Office. I believe
the information I have been faxing to you is helpful in addressing the four
statements you have in your e-mail. I am unclear about number three,
because NOT addressing the verbal and physical comments and behaviors
subjects the schools to liability, so I am not sure what you are saying.

It is important to note that all school policy manuals contain a chemical and
tobacco use/abuse policy; sexual harassment is just as important as that. And
schools have "inappropriate behavior" policies and regularly impose discipline
and loss of bus privileges, etc. for swearing, etc. but, in too many places they
still do not see put-downs about gender or physical assault such as bra-snapping
as a reason to invoke even those policies.

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As you are probably already aware, the Supreme Court has agreed to
hear its first case involving peer sexual harassment -- Davis v.
Monroe Cty. Bd. of Ed. We at the National Partnership for Women &
Families are drafting an amicus (friend-of-the-court) brief on behalf of sexual
harassment experts in this case...

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